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Every fortnight Telfed features one of our amazing PRAS student volunteers.  
We hope you enjoy getting to know them!

Elisheva Kessel


Name: Elisheva Kessel 
Age: 26   
Birthplace: Israel. 
University and study programme: I just finished my last year of animation studies, in the screen based arts department in Bezalel.
PRAS volunteering work: Elderly. My client Is a wonderful 90+ year old teenager.
Favourite place in Israel: Ein Moda, a spring right next to Beit Shean.
Favorite food: all kinds of chocolate.
What was your favorite experience with your PRAS client this year: This was our fourth year together, and we had a habit of eating lunch together this year, since we were both so busy and we already did a lot of other interesting stuff in our previous years so we just wanted to spend the time together. Those lunches were just pure time of interesting stories from her and relaxed time for me :) 
How do you think participating in PRAS changed your outlook? It definiately changed my perspective on life, made me see what's really important during the crazy schedule of Bezalel  and understand that some things just not worth getting stressed by, because i decently won't care about them when I'm 90.
Your plans for the future: Anything that will make me happy ;)

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