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Pi Day (3.14) in Jerusalem

Professor Jake Solomon (Hebrew University), Dr Les Glassman, Roy Scher

A brain stimulating event took place at O.U Headquarters in Jerusalem to mark International Pi Day. The event was organized by the Root and Branch Association, Ltd. in collaboration with Telfed Jerusalem & Wits Alumni.

Pi Day was initiated in 1988 at the San Francisco Exploratorium  and  become an international event celebrated annually on March 14 (3.14).

Wits Alumni Chairman Dr. Les Glassman opened the event by welcoming the crowd and introducing the prominent speakers. Roy Scher Telfed Jerusalem chairman gave a short overview about Telfed. Larry Pfeffer the organizer of the event showed a short movie about Pi.

The first speaker was Dr. David Garber (Holon Institute of Technology) who gave a very interesting talk on The Rabbinical Approximation of Pi, he was followed by Professor Jake Solomon (Hebrew University) whose presentation was of a very high standard "Ubiquitous Pi".

The evening presentations concluded with Mr. Lowell Joseph Gallin Root &Branch association whose topic was  "Lure of the Pi Mountain".


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