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Partisans' Song Lecture - Ra'anana

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The Partisans’ Song - Zog Nit Keynmol - was written in the Warsaw Ghetto following news of the uprising. This song brings generations and communities together through the legacy of a powerful song.

I have chosen to use the introduction to the  the introduction to this article, as it tells the whole story.

We were treated to a most inspirational and informative evening by Eli Rabinowitz, a former South African, now from Perth, Australia. The Telfed Boardroom was jam-packed but the delighted audience was treated to an exceptional evening.

We watched renditions of the Partisans Song by Jewish and non-Jewish pupils from various schools across the globe, many of them singing in their native language. Translating this song and having children sing it in their mother tongue has resulted in a far greater understanding of the plight of the Jewish People during the Holocaust. The number of languages in which the Partisans’ Song is now performed is surely an indication of how the inspirational words of Vilna Ghetto inmate and composer Hirsh Glick have engendered international acclaim.

Those of us who attended the event left with a new awareness and understanding of the significance of the words of this famous song, as well as an appreciation for the work being done by Eli Rabinowitz and the We Are Here Foundation. Former Director of Telfed, Sid Shapiro thanked Eli for the wonderful evening and the great inspiration he personally experienced in listening to the various renditions of the famous song.


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