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The Colour of Light by Pamela Silver

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Artist's Statement:

The painting always starts in nature but transcends to different worlds. Different levels of consciousness. Memories, feelings, hopes, dreams, moments in time that keeps returning.”  Pamela Silver

It is with great joy that I am exhibiting at the Irma Stern Museum.

This exhibition inspired me to create a series of watercolours on large pieces of handmade Indian rag paper. The paper seemed to absorb the thoughts, feelings and memories that I had stored within me since I left Cape Town almost 50 years ago - a treasure chest of emotions that emerged with the excitement of this exhibition.

I created a series of sea green monotypes(unique prints) which highlighted a strong memory and imprinted these memories on sheets of wet paper, one after another. I remembered the colour of light on that day, and saw the sunlight dancing on the water in Sea Point in the early afternoon.

As a child I visited the caves around Bulawayo adorned with San paintings and surrounded by the bushveld, trees and earth. All these scenes have been an underlying inspiration for my art and a set of monotypes inspired by these scenes, fill the middle room of the exhibition – in some way it is like a little cave.

Flowers have always been part of my creativity. From a very early age I would sit under the Jacaranda trees and paint the flowers in the garden. I have continued to pick garden flowers and paint them and throughout my creativity, flowers are there as a companion. I think too, they gave me my sense of colour, along with the bales of coloured fabric from all over the world, in the warehouse of my father’s business. I am exhibiting my own collection of flower paintings, which I have not shown before. I visited Vilnius this last summer to paint the flowers there, a way to connect to my grandmother who came on the boat to Cape Town in the late 1800’s from Lithuania.

My etchings are inspired by the Flamboyant tree and Stargazer lilies. I used the sugar lift aquatint technique to create a watercolour effect.  The anemones I paint every year anew, when they appear in October, and this year I created etchings of them too.

I have lived in Jerusalem since 1973, I have absorbed within me cultures and understanding of people from all over the world and have experienced events and have had to rediscover myself anew. I think in the same way, I discovered my way of working with watercolours and prints, which are unique to me and I am all the time finding new ways of creating, like new ways of being and understanding.

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