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PRAS - a parent's view

Maya and Ayelet with dad Micha at Reut & Ophir's wedding

“Telfed’s PRAS Programme has truly been a gift to our family. I did Sherut Leumi (national service) many years ago at Tehilla, an organization that helped new Olim with Aliyah related issues. Twenty years later, when the idea of someone else assisting my family arose, I was initially skeptical. I didn't realize how much my volunteering impacted on others, until we decided to join PRAS.

During the last few years, we have been blessed with the help of a young Israeli student, Reut Yaniv (HaCohen). Reut started off mentoring our daughter Maya. As we got to know her, and her us, we realized how lucky we are.  Reut has gone way past her duties as a "student" and has become a loving part of our family. She always has a smile on her face, despite the many commitments she has. Her commitment to the cause, her loving and kind way of doing things, is something that we can aspire to.  All our children have learned from her, admire her, and respect her.

A year ago Reut and her boyfriend Ophir announced their engagement. Of course my thoughts were ‘there goes our wonderful PRAS student!’  Little did I know that not only would she not abandon us, but came to us the very week of her wedding, and the week after, despite our pleas to take a break that she so deserved. We were even invited to her wedding.

Mazal tov Reut and Ophir! Thank you for including us and making us part of your family as well. We would like to thank Reut, and of course Telfed for this wonderful programme - a prize we will cherish forever”.

Article written by Ilana Grunberg

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