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Volunteering - Blind Bowls

"My name is Gilad Farber, I'm a first year student in Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv Universtiy.  A couple of weeks ago, as part of the Telfed Pras community service and scholarship programme, I started volunteering with the Blind Bowls in Ra'anana. Not knowing what to expect at the first meeting, I joined Alex Goldsmith, past President of the International Blind Bowls Association, who took me around to pick up a few of the bowlers.
Once we arrived and set up the carpet, I was introduced to the group and we started bowling. It was quite fascinating to see the capability of the bowlers and the dynamics between them and the coaches guiding them. I also tried a hand at coaching, which was a great experience, sharing the pleasure of their achievements as they strive to improve with each shot.
Apart from the actual game, the social aspect seemed to be a source of great pleasure. Simple and casual conversation revealed fascinating people, who lead interesting and fulfilling lives. I look forward to continuing with them, getting to know the players better and becoming a fully qualified coach."

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