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Training P2G teachers for their visit to South Africa

Telfed CEO Dorron Kline with teacher Ronit Hochster, 
who will be visiting South Africa through P2G

Partnership Together (P2G) Beit Shemesh-Mateh Yehudah-South Africa was initiated in the 1980’s by past Jewish Agency Shlicha to South Africa, Mickey Blumberg.  P2G connects between the communities of the city of Beit Shemesh and the regional council of Metah Yehudah (the largest regional council in Israel, stretching from the Judean Hills to the Dead Sea) and the Jewish community of South Africa.

Through face-to-face meetings and exchanges, the communities learn about each other’s sense of identity, share successes and challenges in building their communities, develop an appreciation for diversity, learn how events in Israel affect Jews overseas and vice versa, and explore ways of helping each other with our challenges. Through these activities, P2G seeks to promote mutual understanding, cohesion and inspiration.

One of the exciting P2G programmes is school twinning and teacher training. Jewish pupils in South Africa and Israel study the same material, work on the same projects, converse with each other through the internet and grow to know each other. Their teachers undergo special training and visit each other’s schools in Israel and South Africa.

Amihai Bannet of the Jewish Agency is in charge of the teachers’ training. He requested from Telfed to help prepare the group of 20 Israeli teachers. Some of them will be visiting South Africa, while others will continue with their interaction with South African teachers & pupils through the internet. Dorron Kline, Telfed’s CEO, met with the teachers at the Beit Shemesh Pedagogic Centre and gave a 1.5 hour presentation on the history of the Jewish community of South Africa, its culture, institutions and achievements. Dorron also presented the activities of Telfed in Israel in order to complete the picture.

Telfed wishes the teachers that are travelling to South Africa, a safe and rewarding trip. We are sure that the interaction will be enriching for both Israelis and South Africans.  

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