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Breaking News: 2 new laws that will benefit Olim


New Olim are eligible to apply for a passport after 90 days from their Aliyah date, or before - if they sign a document that says that they are willing to waive the right to renounce Israeli citizenship. (During the first three months in Israel, an Oleh has the ability to renounce the Israeli citizenship that he automatically received on making Aliyah).


The passport will be granted for 5 years, after which the Ministry of Interior will check whether the Oleh spent more than 75% of the five years in Israel. If yes, then the Oleh will be granted a 10 year passport. If not, the Oleh will be granted another 5 year passport.

One needs to make an appointment with Ministry of Interior (Misrad Hapnim), in order to apply for the biometric passport.

Please make an appointment using this online form (in Hebrew)  or by calling *3450.





The Ministry of Transportation has changed the law regarding the conversion of foreign driver’s licenses of Olim, Returning Residents and Foreign Workers, as per 13.8.2017.


If one can prove that one has had a valid driver’s license for at least 5 years prior to making Aliyah, one will not have to take a road test. 

One will also not have to take an eye examination or medical test, if one has not yet reached the age of 70. One still needs to present the Green Form (Tofes Yarok) and foreign driver’s license.


From age 70 onwards, one will still need to take an eye examination and a medical test. 

If one cannot prove the above 5 year requirement, the previous law applies and one will need to take a road test.

Please note that with or without the road test, the driver’s license conversion can only be done within 3 years of making Aliyah.

For any questions on Aliyah and Klitah, please contact Daniela : or  09 7907 804

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