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Breaking News: 2 new laws that will benefit Olim

  • Olim will be able to apply for an Israeli passport without having to wait. The requirement to wait one year will no longer apply. Click Here for more details.
  • Olim will no longer have to take a road test in order to convert their foreign driver’s license to an Israeli one. Click Here for more details.

These two laws provide a huge benefit for Olim as they will save Olim both time and money. However, the laws are both new and not yet implemented. This will still take some time and while we wait for the new laws to go into effect, the old laws still stand.

Most clerks at the offices of Misrad Hapnim and Misrad Harishui do not know of a change in the laws because they have not yet received a notification, new guidelines and an order how to practically implement them.

As soon as we know when the new laws will go into effect, we will post a notification on our website and Facebook Page.

For any questions on Aliyah and Klitah, please contact Daniela : or  09 7907 804

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