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A Warm Telfed Welcome to Naale Students

On Monday 11 June Telfed invited a group of Naale students to join us for lunch at our offices to introduce our team, explain our services and explore how we can support the students, who are completing their last years of high school in Israel through the Naale programme. While they haven't made Aliyah, studying in Israel and learning the language and culture affords them a unique opportunity to experience Israel. A casual get-together over pizza allowed us to connect with younger members of the South African community in Israel. It was important for Telfed to ensure that the students have a support system and receive information regarding bursaries available, Aliyah and Klita advice and other Telfed services.

The students who hail from Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Port Elizabeth have come to study in Israel without their families or friends. They discussed the challenges they faced in their first few months, the homesickness and loneliness and offered support to one another. Adaptable and resilient, they can be proud of how they have settled down, made friends and created a home away from home. Moreover, through this experience, they have developed a love for Israel.

One of the students recognized how she has matured through her experience and now says she has “difficulty relating to some friends in South Africa”. "You have to adjust, you don’t know anyone and you are leaving familiarity – and you are only 15!" said another student. For many of the students, a taste of freedom has been both exhilarating and daunting. Sascha was at a loss for words when the subject of freedom in Israel arose: “walking in the street alone… wow!". She added that after asking her madrich for permission to go out, "he was like… duh". Connecting with this group of students was both uplifting and inspiring.


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