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Telfed welcomes Na'ale

​A group of Southern African high school students from three different boarding schools participating in the Na’ale program were invited to the Telfed offices for a nice get together on the 14th of June. The Na'ale programme was established in 1992 with the goal of providing Jewish high school students worldwide the opportunity to study in Israel. 

They were met by Ariela Siegel - Telfed's Social Worker, Daniela Shapira - Telfed's Aliyah and Klita Counselor and volunteers.  The students were treated to a fun pizza luncheon and were given information about Aliyah and living in Israel in general.

The goal of the meeting was to show them that they have a "Telfed family" to turn to in Israel and that they are not alone.

Testimony of Bianca Martin, one of the participants:

"The meeting which I attended at Telfed turned out to be more productive than I thought it would be. At first I thought we were all just going to sit around eating and talking,  discovering more about one another but it was much more than that. It turns out that I got to meet the people who will be supporting me for the next 6 months in Israel and will be looking out for me.  

I discovered that they will be very involved and helpful toward my future plans and all that it entails. I felt comfortable and at home with everyone I met especially because I feel like they, more than others, understand what it's like to come to Israel the way we did.  

I thank them for a great afternoon and enjoyed it thoroughly."




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