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Musical Welcome To the New Year - Jerusalem

Some ten days before Rosh Hashanah, a lovely musical welcome was accorded to the new year about to enter the scene in the masorti Synagogue in Jerusalem - also marking the re-inauguration of the Synagogue after its renovation - by the Synagogue's Meitar Choir, conducted by Anat Rubinstein,  in a joint concert with the Eitz Chaim Choir of Raanana, conducted by Moshe Cohen.

Both choirs performed a number of liturgical pieces with emphasis on texts for the upcoming Yamim Noraim (e.g. Zacharti Lach and Yaaleh Tahanuneinu by Lewandovsky and Avinu Malkeinu by Yanovsky) and Israeli songs.

In the opening and the final pieces of the programme the two choirs joined forces, ending with Berosh Hashanah Yikatevun by David Propis, arranged by Anat Rubinstein, and Avi Albrecht's Adon Olam, the audience enthusiastically joining the singing and applauding at length.

Article written by Pinchas Melchior

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