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Meetings with the Ministry of Absorption

Mario Lev, Shimon Cohen, Haim Shchupak and Dorron Kline

Telfed has recently held intensive meetings with the Ministry of Absorption.

The first meeting was with “Ofek Yisraeli”. Ofek Yisraeli is a new company, set up in 2015 by the Ministry of Absorption and the Jewish Agency. Its aim is to encourage Aliyah. It has a multi-million Shekel budget and it works in 11 different countries.Last year South Africa was added to the prestigious list of countries served.

The meeting was held under the auspices of the Olim Association, which represents 23 Olim organisations in Israel. Mario Lev (Chairman of the Olim Association) and Dorron Kline (CEO of Telfed) presented the achievements and needs of the Olim organisations to Shimon Cohen (Director of Ofek Yisraeli) and Haim Shchupak  (Head of Programming).

Shimon and Chaim showed much interest in the Telfed SASI programme and the SA Accountants Licensing Project:  

*SASI – “South Africans Studying in Israel” provides housing scholarships for South African Jewish  students who wish to study at universities in Israel after finishing Matric. Telfed has negotiated significant tuition discounts and scholarships from various Israeli academic institutions for SASI students to study in English or Hebrew.

*The South African Accountants Licensing Project allows qualified SA accountants to study the necessary material on-line and in English, in order to requalify in Israel. The exams are held in Israel in English and participants can write the exams before making Aliyah.

Irena Nirko, Shoshy Harari, Dorron Kline and Eyal Nitzani

The second meeting was with the Student Authority.This body assists Olim students to study in Israel by paying for 100% of their tuition fees at Government academic centres and by providing academic guidance. Eyal Nitzani is the Deputy Director of the Student Authority, and a close friend of Telfed, regularly visiting our offices in Ra’anana.

On this visit Eyal came to introduce Irena Nirko (pre-Aliyah counseling) and Shoshy Harari (student counselor for the Greater Tel Aviv region) to Telfed. I want to showcase Telfed to my fellow Ministry of Absorption staff members. Telfed is the premier Olim organisation. There is much to learn from how you assist the South African and Australian Olim,” said Eyal.

As a result of this meeting, South African and Australian student Olim who make Aliyah in Israel and do not go through the Jewish Agency offices in South Africa and Australia, will be directed to Telfed for Klita (absorption) advice, by the Student Authority staff. Telfed thanks the Student Authority for their close and warm cooperation, for the betterment of South African and Australian Olim students.



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