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A Meeting of Minds

It is not the number of issues addressed but the quality of how they are addressed  that speaks volumes.  Yesterday’s TbT meeting is a classic case in point..
So, though after two hours we had reached only item number 3 on a busy agenda of ten items, says much for our inspiring visitor from Cape Town, who presented an overview of the SA Jewish Lawyers for SA and the current legal issues occupying their focus. Although only in an “embryonic stage”, the SALFI are in the thick of it and will only be presented with more challenges in the future...
(l-r): Mel Cohen, David Kaplan, Hertzel Katz,  Rusty Rostowsky, Harris Green, David Polovin & Henry Shakenovsky. Sitting: Annette Milliner, Maurice Ostroff & Charles Abelsohn.
Following the meeting, there was already a quick-fire exchange of emails affirming the passion and commitment of all dedicated to our mission.
On behalf of our merry band of cerebral combatants, TbT thanks you for making the time yesterday to meet with us; we were so impressed by your commitment, passion and focused approach in tackling the legal issues for the future as they pertain to Israel in South Africa.
Your example of the Labia Theatre case, I found most fascinating on multiple levels as it  not only posed an interesting legal issue of resisting a contractual obligation to show an anti-Israel movie but the ‘projection’ (not the movie) of the dichotomy within the community as to what position to take in such risky situations – to be passive and take the easy path or resist and face the consequences. It has all the hallmarks of an unfolding drama far more fascinating than the content of the movie itself.
I am sure you would have enjoyed staying on at our meeting as we tackled after your departure, a very divisive issue in our committee, namely:  whether Israel - in whatever shape or form - should participate in the Schabas Commission investigating the conduct of the parties i.e. Israel in Operation Protective Edge’. After a month of fiery debate, we agreed to participate and now involves TbT in preparing submissions.
We wish you and your Committee the very best on your journey ahead and to know you have our support  and we offer our assistance in any way we can.
We have at least begun the conversation – so let’s keep talking....
David Kaplan

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