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Telfed CEO at Aliyah event for MTA students

Telfed CEO, Dorron Kline, was invited to address the 60 South African and Australian Bnei Akiva MTA participants currently in Israel. Dorron spoke about Telfed’s manifold absorption services, with a focus on the Telfed scholarships that are awarded to over 500 students each year. He also gave practical advice on how to make Aliyah and what benefits are granted to new Olim.

This was followed by a panel discussion with MTA graduates, who shared their personal Aliyah stories – successes and challenges. The panelists were frank – giving advice (sometimes contradictory) on what to look out for, based on their experiences:

“You can study in Israel in English”

“Learn Hebrew!”

“Not everyone is ready to make Aliyah at age 18. If you need time to mature, go back to SA or Oz, study and then make Aliyah after your degree”

“If you are going to live in Israel, then study in Israel in Hebrew and make contacts with Israelis. They will help you to find employment.”

“Make Aliyah as soon as you can. The younger you are, the easier your absorption”

“Not everyone has to be a combat soldier – there are many good jobs in the army”

“Don’t glamorize service in the IDF – there is a lot of grit, grime, sweat and tears.”

Following the panel discussion, Dorron remained in order to answer personal Aliyah questions from the MTA participants. “I am inspired by these young adults. Aliyah is a weighty decision and they are asking the correct questions,” he said.

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