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Financial tips for Olim


Telfed presents, together with Jay Hait, Adv., and Michelle Freedman, The Calming Coach, a Series of Events:  "Navigating your Klita in Israel"

Left to right: Suzy KahatiGadi Last and Steven Feigenbaum

Telfed is hosting a series of lectures topics that are relevant to new and veteran Olim in understanding various systems in Israel. These lectures are held at the Telfed office in Raanana and host guest speakers who are professionals in their fields of expertise.

Recently, Telfed presented Chapter Two: “Navigating the Financial System in Israel.”

The speakers were:

Suzy Kahati, Family Financial Advisor (read more about her here)
Gadi Last, Personal Banking Expert (founder of Israel At Last - read more here)
Steven Feigenbaum, Senior Financial Planner (Pioneer Wealth Management - read more here)

The topics of the lecture included:

·  Family budgeting and financial traps to watch out for.

·  A general understanding of the banking system in Israel.

·  What you need to know about investments.

Those assembled listened intently as the speakers took turns giving their presentations and answering questions. Suzy Kahati's expertise is dealing with families with fluctuating incomes (oftentimes Olim).  She shared information on how to manage personal finances effectively and live debt free, proper budgeting and solving common financial dilemmas.

Gadi's portfolio and presentation included matters relating to property, banking, investment management, mortgages and insurance. Israel At Last, the company which he founded, also provides a VIP post-aliyah service for Olim, enabling them as soft a landing as possible in Israel.

Steven has extensive experience in planning, negotiation, operations and marketing.  He provides considered guidance with investment decisions and tailor-made client portfolios that address their immediate, medium and long term needs.

Pitfalls and misconceptions about personal finances and banking were great eye-openers and the attendees valued the important practical information (for example the differences to be aware of between banks in Israel). After the lecture, there was an opportunity to chat with the speakers one-on-one and to mingle. 

For those of you who were not able to join us, please click on the link below to download Suzy Kahati's complementary booklet on 'How to Save Money in Israel' -  The booklet contains many tips that are very easy to implement on how to streamline your expenses. If you are interested in a (paid) Comprehensive Online Budgeting Course, please see:

Other topics in this series will be announced shortly.

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