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Pizza and beer picnic for young olim

The Telfed Jerusalem Youth Committee held another "Welcome to Jerusalem" event for new olim. Many of the olim had been here for only a month and were excited to have an opportunity meet new people and to eat some pizza with Telfed! It was a great evening with a relaxed vibe. Everyone was able to talk about their aliyah experience so far and to discuss issues they've been facing. Together, participants discussed how Telfed can be of assistance to them. The attendees were also told more about the organisation and the services available to olim. This was great news to some who needed assistance.

Our new young olim are all looking forward to interacting more with Telfed and some participants, who see the benefit of engaging with other Southern African and Australian olim, have offered to join the Jerusalem Youth Committee. We are hoping to have more events in the future. If you'd like to assist in organising an event or if you would like to attend an event, please contact 


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