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Basic CPR Course in Jerusalem

A successful and interesting event took place in Jerusalem hosted by Telfed’s Jerusalem Regional Committee, World Mizrachi and WITS Israel Alumni.

Telfed CEO Dorron Kline opened the meeting with a Dvar Torah on the importance of giving of oneself for the wellbeing of others, after which he gave a concise overview of Telfed explaining the purpose of each department.

Dr Les Glassman, head of Wits Alumni Israel introduced Lisa Blecher, a new Olah and certified CPR instructor in South Africa, who gave of her time to volunteer in sharing her vast knowledge and experience with those attending this of course - including an in-depth practical demonstration on dummy "patients".

After showing a clip of Mr. Bean trying to revive an unconscious fellow lying on the sidewalk, Lisa explained the reasons why having knowledge of CPR is so vital to everyone as this can really make a difference between life and death.

The crowd's involvement and many questions throughout the presentation created an easy flowing atmosphere for a rather serious subject. Towards the end of the evening, Lisa professionally guided all those who wanted to try out the newly learned life saving techniques.

The event concluded with Roy Scher, Telfed’s Jerusalem Committee Chairman thanking Lisa and presenting her with a token gift of appreciation in the names of the 3 hosting organizations.

Link to event on youtube:


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