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The humanitarian side of Israel

Left to right: Roy Scher, David Kramer and Dr. Les Glassman

The first event of the Jerusalem Telfed Regional Committee for 2018 took place on 22nd January at World Mizrachi building, coordinated jointly by Telfed Jerusalem, WITS Alumni & World Mizrachi.

Guest speaker David Kramer is the founder of NU Campaign, a digital marketing agency and global initiative promoting the non-profit world in Israel. He is the author of United Nation, (, exploring the humanitarian side of Israel, through a collection of 40 stories, interviews and accounts of people in Israel involved in Tikun Olam and impacting the world. David has lived in Israel since 2000, served in the Israeli army and resides in Jerusalem with his wife Tova and their children.

The event was opened with a welcome message from Dr. Les Glassman, Wits Israel Alumni, followed by Roy Scher, Jerusalem Telfed regional committee chairman, who introduced David.

David gave an excellent talk using a well prepared presentation to emphasize the humanitarian side of Israel. He shared a gruelling experience which took place in Durban in 2000, at the time when BDS began. That very incident and other similar accounts, gave way to a new thinking process in his mind. David related to the audience how he began the important task of objectively telling the true story from Israel's perspective.

The evening concluded with Roy Scher presenting David with a token gift of appreciation in the names of the 3 organizations who sponsored the event.

For those who missed this wonderful presentation, please go to the following link, videoed by Dr. Les Glassman: HERE

Article written by Roy Scher

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