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Jerusalem Representatives Meet with Telfed

From L-R: Ariela Siegel, Yael Strausz, Daniela Shapira,
Jason Roth, Yisrael Cohn, Michal Merten, Dana Ben Chail


Telfed invited Jason Roth and Yisrael Cohn, Project Directors of Olim from English Speaking Countries at the Jerusalem Municipality, to meet with Daniela Shapira (Aliyah & Klitah Advisor), Ariela Siegel (Social Worker and Head of Aliyah & Klitah), Yael Strausz (Employment Advisor), Michal Merten (Employment Counselor) and Dana Ben Chail (Head of Events & Volunteerism).

While Telfed already enjoys a good working relationship with Jason, his colleague Yisrael is new to the position and introductions were made. As acquaintances were made and anecdotes were shared, upcoming events were discussed – in particular what events Telfed can participate in and in what events Telfed can partner with the Jerusalem Municipality.

All present enjoyed a comradery, likeness of mind and dedication to helping Olim. Telfed and the Jerusalem representatives look forward to continuing their great working relationship and creating opportunities and support for Olim.    

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