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New Director of the Israel Centre, JHB visits Telfed

Telfed’s EXCO (executive Committee) was honoured to host the past Director of the Israel Centre in Johannesburg, Aviad Sella and his incoming replacement, Prof. Liat Amar Arran.

Aviad gave an overview of the four years of his Shlichut, focusing on how he managed to create inroads amongst those who are unaffiliated to the mainstream Jewish community, establish the “Project Ten” volunteering centre in Kwazulu –Natal and facilitate the automatic grant of $9,100 to South African youth participating in the yearlong MASA academic programmes in Israel.

Liat, a Professor of Psychology, expressed her excitement as she and her family prepare to leave for Johannesburg and take up the very challenging position that impacts on Zionist activities throughout South African.

After a brief question and answer session, Telfed’s EXCO wished them both “good luck” – Aviad with his settling back into Israeli society and Liat with her upcoming Shlichut.


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