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Insights of Diplomacy

From left to right: Dr Les Glassman, Ambassador Meir Romem and Roy Scher Telfed Jerusalem Chairman

The Telfed Jerusalem Regional Committee, together with Wits Israel Alumni & Zionist Council in Israel jointly hosted an event titled: "Amazing Insights of Diplomacy "

The event, which took place at the Weizmann Hall of The Jewish Agency building in Jerusalem, was well attended with a crowd of over 30 participants.  Dr. Les Glassman -  Chairman of Wits Israel Alumni, opened the event by  welcoming all and introducing the honorable guest speaker Ambassador Meir Romem.

Sonia Graham (representing the Zionist Council in Israel) addressed the audience with a short synopsis of the organization's work . Roy Scher, Telfed Jerusalem chairman said a few words about the importance of correct advocacy & diplomacy, after which he officially introduced the honourable Ambassador.

Meir enlightened the crowd with many stories and occurrences, some of which were held in secret until recent times. As a long term excellent diplomat serving the State of Israel for over 4 decades, Meir met and dealt with many extremely high officials worldwide, including working side by side with Abba Eban. During his tenure Meir served in numerous countries, and personally met 4 USA Presidents. The wonderful event ended with questions from the crowd. Roy presented Meir with a token gift of appreciation.

Written by Roy Scher

To watch the video of the evening, Click HERE.

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