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An English approach to IDF service

Service in the IDF… made clear – in English

Three years ago the two fund raising organisations for the IDF – “Libi” and the “Agudah Le’Ma’an Ha’Chayal”, joined together to create “Yachad Le’Ma’an Ha’Chayal”. 220 million Shekels is raised each year and is distributed to the soldiers according to the needs defined by the IDF.

Telfed and the AACI (Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel) were invited to the Yachad offices at the Ministry of Defense, in order to discuss cooperation between the organisations for the betterment of Olim and Machal (volunteer) soldiers from Southern Africa, Australia, Holland and North America.

It was decided that a big public event will be held for the English speaking public, at which pre-Aliyah and Olim youth, parents and grandparents will be able to interact directly with English speaking soldiers, manning booths representing the different army units. Following the “milling around”, Yachad will make a presentation at the gathering, encouraging the participants to join the “English Speaking Friends of Yachad Le’Ma’an Ha’Chayal”.

Attending the second meeting with “Yachad Le’Ma’an Ha’Chayal”, at their offices in Tel Ha’Shomer – (left to right): Karen Shrock – Chairman of the Telfed Lone Soldiers Committee, Brig. General (res.) Yehiel Gozal – CEO of “Yachad Le’Ma’an Ha’Chayal”, Anna Oliel – head of overseas fundraising for “Yachad Le’Ma’an Ha’Chayal”,  Pircha Lottner – “Yachad Le’Ma’an Ha’Chayal” volunteer, Dorron Kline – CEO of Telfed. 

The date for this exciting and important gathering will soon be set in conjunction with Yachad, Telfed and AACI.

In addition, Yachad will assist Telfed in making contact with Southern African, Australian and Dutch lone soldiers, who are not yet on the Telfed data base. Telfed offers many benefits to lone soldiers, for example: events, induction and discharge presents, host families, Aliyah & Klita advice, financial assistance to the needy and more.

Lone soldiers are encouraged to email Daniela Shapira, the Telfed Klita Counselor, on


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