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"We were Dreamers" - Habonim 5 day Seminar in Isael

"What days those were. Filled with dreams, with passion, with the desire to change the world and be changed ourselves; the "Movement" days. Each one of us was changed. The world, well, that is another question".
Join us for an extraordinary five days in Israel where we will revisit our dreams and look at the dreams and realities of today. Scroll down to see full program.
We will meet and engage with top political, business and opinion leaders, thinkers and social activists from a broad range of backgrounds and viewpoints. Our unique pluralist program will also include a strong experiential dimension, so that we can examine Israel from a variety of perspectives."
Dear Chaverim in Israel. A great group of Habonim alumni from around the world have already registered after reading the above. We hope you too will consider joining us even though for you this is home and not a visit. Join us for the entire 5 days or even for a day or two. Please forward to friends in Israel and abroad.
I am certain this will be an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. 
Julian Resnick
Mazkir Clali World Habonim Dror
For more details including registration and costs please email using the title "We Were Dreamers".

Program Outline

Sunday, June 28th – Thursday, July 2nd, 2015
Sunday June 28th
We are part of deep history, part of a people, we tell its story, our story. We meet early morning in Jerusalem where we view some iconic sites from new angles to set the stage for the questions we will explore with some of Israel’s most dynamic educationalists. Later we will travel to Ramallah and other West Bank locations to meet with Palestinian leaders and thinkers, as well as a range of young leaders who are deeply involved in new initiatives to foster dialogue between Arabs and Jews. We plan to include a number of leading political voices in this opening day.
Monday June 29th
Israel and Diaspora – Jewish Identity & Continuity
For many years Zionism was the glue which kept the Jewish People together. And now? Is it a source of division in the Jewish world as we move from being a people committed to common goals to a people at odds with ourselves? What is the future of Jewish identity in Israel and the Diaspora? Will our Jewish identities pull us apart? We begin at the Israel Museum where we will meet with prominent intellectuals with a broad range of viewpoints; then we go the Herzl Seminar Center to consider whether Zionism has been religiosized and if so at what cost.  Sleep Kinneret area (see registration form)
Tuesday June 30th
The Black Box of Zionist History
Was there an original sin in Zionism we chose not to notice? How do we deal with the development of Zionist history and maintain both our commitments to a progressive world view and to the narrative of the national liberation struggle of the Jewish People? We will visit the Kinneret Cemetery, explore the story of Yasha Hefetz and Ein Harod, visit Ben Shemen, Lod and Ramle.
Wednesday July 1st
The People Demand Social Justice, but can this exist with Israel in the West Bank?
Israeli society, formed over an extended period of independent rule, has not evolved as a process of absorbing the best and finest of the Jewish People in an orderly fashion, or the ingathering of the exiles as we lurched from crisis to crisis, or as the vanguard of a socialist revolution. Today we examine the Separation Barrier. We will meet with several current and former senior IDF and intelligence officers. We return to Tel Aviv where we engage with some of Israel’s key social and economic issues. Our evening program will involve dinner with a broad range of Habonim graduates who live in Israel.
Thursday July 2nd
Culture, Business and the Future
There is a future here! We look today at some of the surprising successes of Israeli society, those we did not expect when we sat in our discussion group way back when. We will look at business, science, technology and film. We will ask whether there is a link between this and the “Chalutziut” which informed many of our lives in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. We will meet with some of the leading entrepreneurs and executives in Israel today. Our concluding dinner will draw together the issues explored through the week.

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