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Telfed invited to Gvahim’s 60th Career Programme

Yael Strausz, Employment Advisor of TELFED, was invited to take part in the closing ceremony of Gvahim’s 60th Career Programme.

Gvahim is one of our partners that share in our effort to assist Olim find employment in Israel. They are a non-profit organization that provides the new olim with mentors and connections into the various industries in the Israeli job market.

Telfed has referred and subsidised members, including both South African and Australian olim, to in the Gvahim Career Program, which prepares new Olim with academic degrees for the Israeli workforce. 

For more information on the Gevahim course and the Telfed subsidy, please direct potential Olim to Yael Strausz, the Telfed Employment Counselor (

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