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Goldene Medina Exhibition Opening in Jerusalem

In conjunction with South African Jewish Museum

Click here to read more about the exhibition.


IMPORTANT information about parking and access for the event on 23 December:

  • Bring a printed copy of the invitation above in order to enter the parking lot
  • Parking is only available for the event on 23 December
  • Parking is available in the Humanities parking lot, parallel to the bus tunnel at the Scopus campus
  • For directions using Waze, enter the following: חניון האוניברסיטה העברית, מדעי הרוח, הר הצופים
  • Park as close to the entrance as possible. There is a sign inside the parking lot for the library, near the entrance
  • After parking, make your way into the building. The Bloomfield Library is located off the Forum which is in the centre of the campus (and is also known as the main library). 




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