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Training 20 Israeli VIP’s before they leave for South Africa

Telfed CEO, Dorron Klineruns the training seminar for the “Gesher Fellows” in Jerusalem. 

“Gesher”, is an organisation that works tirelessly in order to encourage unity within Israeli society. Their latest project concentrates on Israeli community leaders, politicians, journalists and opinion makers. Twenty such VIP’s study about worldwide Jewish communities, focusing on how these communities meet their local challenges and foster unity. The study sessions culminate in a 10-day fact-finding and study tour in the Diaspora.

Gesher requested from Telfed, as the representative organisation of South African Jewry, to run a special training seminar about this unique community for a group of 20 Knesset advisors, TV & radio personalities and journalists, ahead of their “Gesher” organised trip to South Africa.

While in South Africa, the group will meet with the Jewish community leaders and members there and learn how they deal with the manifold local challenges.

On the group’s return to Israel, Gesher plans to assist them to effect constructive community building within Israeli society, by utilizing the knowledge gained from their unique visit to South Africa.

“Thank you for a riveting 1.5 hour session on Telfed and South African Jewry. I feel much better prepared for the upcoming trip. The fact that South African Jewry had the foresight to set up Telfed in 1948 and that the organisation is still providing absorption services and flourishing, teaches me that we have a lot to learn from this special community,” said one of the seminar participants.

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