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Garin Alon Etzion were honored at the Yom Ha’Atzmaut ceremony of Alon Shvut

The families of Garin Alon Etzion who made Aliyah from South Africa to Alon Shvut in Gush Etzion 43 years ago, were honored at the Yom Haatzmaut ceremony of the Yishuv Alon Shvut.

We were invited, as a group to raise the flag.

The flag raising was a very emotional event which we all shared. It was very gratifying to have our contribution to the the building of the Yishuv recognised at the ceremony. The volume of applause after we raised the flag was really striking.

Below is a link to the video clip which was shown before we went up to the podium to raise the flag.  

This clip focuses only on the members of the Garin who live in Alon Shvut and were honored at the ceremony.

We are presently completing a movie which covers the story of the whole Garin and all its members.

​Written by Prof. Bernard Lerer

1973 Garin Alon Etzion


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