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Helping Olim and Lone Soldiers in the IDF

Telfed runs a full day seminar dedicated to the needs

of Olim and lone soldiers in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces)

     The17 Education Corps soldiers with Yigal Sela (ZFA) & Gamliel Gutshul   (CNEF) on the left  and Dorron Kline (Telfed CEO) on the right. 

On Wednesday 29 March, a full day seminar was held at the Qualita (French Olim Organisation) Employment Centre offices in Jerusalem for the Education Corps of the IDF, in order to educate them about the difficulties faced by new Olim soldiers.

This section of the Education Corps writes the materials and trains the commanders of the IDF, specifically regarding how to deal with Olim and lone soldiers. Each one of these 17 army educators trains 600 commanders over the course of a year. This means that the effects of the training seminar reach over 10,000 IDF commanders.

The seminar was run by representatives of the Council of Olim Associations, in partnership with Telfed, Qualita, the Michael Levin Lone Soldiers’ Center, CNEF (the French student Oleh organisation) and the AACI (Americans and Canadians in Israel). Each organisation gave detailed explanations of the services that it provides to Olim soldiers, while the AACI representative spoke about the function of the umbrella organisation “The Council of Olim Associations”.

Within the seminar, Telfed’s CEO, Dorron Kline, together with Yigal Sela - the Israel representative of the ZFA (Zionist Federation of Australia), led a one hour session of simulations and discussions of scenarios representing the many challenges faced by Olim soldiers as they interact with the IDF structure and bureaucracy. These scenes included issues dealing with soldiers’ motivation, discipline, furloughs, education, housing, language and religious needs. Dorron and Yigal focused on the special needs of South African and Australian Olim soldiers.

“This is the second year that we have run such a training seminar, together with The Council of Olim Associations. On behalf of the IDF, I wish to express our heartfelt appreciation. These seminars have opened our eyes to the very specific needs of Olim and lone soldiers. This new knowledge is translated into action as we prepare the commanders in the field. ” said Noam, the Educational officer in charge.

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