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Telfed's Endowments, Scholarships & PRAS Department

Dana Levy Tavor - Head of Endowments, Scholarships and PRAS (E.S.P.) with Merav Fisher - Scholarship Department (E.S.P.)Administrator

Telfed is proud to announce that after processing more applications than ever before, we will be assisting over 450 students with scholarships this academic year.  "We are so glad to be able to play a part in aiding these students to achieve their dreams,” beamed Batya Shmukler, Telfed Vice Chair and Chairwoman of ESP (Endowments, Scholarships & PRAS).

In the current academic year, Telfed will be granting an unprecedented number of students with scholarships based on financial need.  Thanks to many generous donors and foundations, NIS 700,000 will be awarded to 311 students. Telfed is particularly pleased to be able to help 194 students of Southern African origin, of whom 61 were born in Southern Africa. This is in addition to Telfed’s continuing support of the student volunteers participating in the PRAS programme. 

These students play a crucial role in strengthening Telfed's connection with the wider community. “We are excited to invite the inaugural group of SASI students to join our scholarship recipients at the celebratory ceremony on the 27th of April, 2017, at the Duhl Auditorium in Tel Aviv,” says Dana Levy Tevor, Head of the E.S.P. (Endowments, Scholarships and PRAS) department. 

The Scholarship Committee (ESP) wishes all our students and donors a Chag Pesach kasher v'sameach.

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