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Dealing Dutch


        L-R: Dudy Jacobs, Andre Boers, Marion Levkovitz,      L-R: Batya Shmukler & Ephraim Eisenmann 
    Ephraim Eisenmann, Dorron Kline and Batya Shmukler              with the service agreement.

Two years ago, Telfed – The South African Zionist Federation (Israel) was pleased and honoured to receive a request to provide Klita services to the Dutch Olim Society ארגון עולי הולנד -  (IOH).

Telfed has been in operation since the founding of the State of Israel in 1948 and has built up a reputation for sound management and quality of its support to olim.  With Southern Africans, Telfed’s role extends beyond the initial Klita process and it provides many community services for the SA Oleh community and subsequent generations. It is these quality services that have attracted other Oleh organisations over the years to purchase professional Klita services from Telfed. In the 1960's the Aliyah from Yemen was handled through the Telfed offices, in the 1990's – the huge Aliyah from the USSR, in 2007 – Aliyah from Iran, since 2013 – Aliyah from Australia and now the Aliyah from Holland.

IOH was founded in 1943, in order to assist with the absorption of Dutch Olim escaping the Nazi horrors in Europe. Since then the organisation has set up a well-managed structure which assists in the successful absorption of Dutch Olim, including elderly Olim in its well-run retirement homes.  

Although perhaps only anecdotal, the South African Jewish community does feel a connection to Dutch Jewry through the South African language - Afrikaans. In addition there is a true desire in Telfed to share of its Klita knowledge that has been gleaned over the last 67 years, with other communities.

In November 2015 an agreement of cooperation was signed at the Knesset in the presence of senior officials of the Ministry of Absorption, Directorate members of the two organisations and staff. Ephraim Eisenmann, the Chairman of IOH then opened the proceedings and spoke of the connection of Dutch Jews to South Africa since the first landing of Jan Van Riebeck in 1652.

Two years down the line, with the successful Klita cooperation between Telfed and the IOH being the norm, Ephraim Eisenmann , Andre Boers (IOH Honorary Treasurer) and Marion Levkovitz (IOH Secretary) met at the Telfed offices with Telfed’s new Chairman – Batya Shmukler. In the presence of Dudy Jacobs – the IOH Klita Counselor, trained and guided by Telfed and Dorron Kline (Telfed CEO), a new service agreement was signed between the two organisations. This agreement solidifies the excellent working relationship between IOH and Telfed and ensures the financial support for the continuation of the joint Klita project for the successful absorption of new Dutch Olim in Israel.

New (and potential) Olim from Holland are invited to make contact with the Dutch speaking Klita counselor at the Telfed offices – Dudy Jacobs. Dudy can be reached on 09-790-7806 or via email

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