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Telfed celebrates 25 years of partnership with the Doone SA Charitable Trust

This past week, Telfed welcomed to Israel representatives of the Doone SA Charitable Trust: Chair Julian Beare, fellow Trustee Mary Kluk, as well as Jonathan Beare, Mark Beare and Adam Pincus.  The visit centred on the Foundation’s Annual General Meeting, held each year at the Telfed offices in Raanana.  

Left to Right (Back Row): Dana Levy Tavor, Steven Flax, Mary Kluk, Mark Beare, Adam Pincus, Batya Shmukler, Dave Bloom, Phillip Levy.

Left to Right (Front Row): Nava Lapid, Maish Isaacson, Julian Beare, Leon Lewis, Nikki Leviner.

This year marked the 25th since the founding of the entity, which has supported educational initiatives in Israel for the last two and a half decades, providing scholarships to students who participate in the PRAS Student Mentoring and Community Service Programme. The initiative marries several needs: students receive a significant scholarship to help them complete their higher education; and in turn, these students undertake community service by committing to 94 hours of voluntary work (per academic year) with new Olim (immigrant) families, people with special needs, children, families at risk and senior citizens. 

The PRAS programme encourages a spirit of giving, collective communal responsibility and involvement, whilst offering valued support to local community members.  Telfed is currently exploring the idea of replicating the PRAS programme in South Africa, in partnership with two South African Trusts.

As part of the discussions at the AGM, the Trustees were briefed on recent developments in Telfed’s SASI academic support programme, for Southern African Students in Israel, where student registrations have trebled over the last year, as more SA scholars are choosing to pursue tertiary studies in English in Israel.  This also comes in light of the increased individual study grants available from MASA (up to $9000) for South Africans studying at Israeli academic institutions.

Telfed Vice Chair Batya Shmukler (left) presenting a token of appreciation to Doone Chairman Julian Beare (at right).

Chairman Julian Beare noted that the initial Trust was formed in 1992 and since then has enjoyed a fruitful partnership with Telfed, working together to improve the academic prospects of thousands of students over the years.  This is an achievement most deserving of note and a ‘lechaim’ toast was raised shortly thereafter by those in attendance, who celebrated the accomplishments and tremendous impact of the philanthropy of the Doone SA Charitably Trust over the years. Together with the Graham and Rhona Beck Foundation – Israel (R.A.) and the Stanley and Zea Lewis Foundation, the Doone Foundation is radically improving the prospects for youth in Israel, enabling bright young people to complete their higher education and be productive and active members strengthening Israeli society. It was, by all means, a grand and fitting occasion to say ‘Mazal Tov’!


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