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Database Project receives 'Excel for Beginners' Course (join us!)

Updating Telfed Database –boring, would you say?
Well for us this task is of vital importance...

At Telfed we appreciate our database volunteers, because we understand that an up-to date database is one of the key components that allows us to reach our community. With the correct contact information, we can reach out to our community and help in time of need. An updated database helps us find volunteers that can be of a great assistance in various projects.

Last week, an 'Excel for Beginners' workshop, taught by our volunteer, Neil Bloom was held at the Telfed boardroom. It was especially designed for the database volunteers at Telfed. In the future we intend to broaden the concept of lectures on various relevant and interesting subjects for this team of excellent and devoted volunteers, led by Alex Tolkin – head of the Database Project and with assistance from Felicia Levin.

If you are computer literate and have some spare hours in the afternoon, we welcome you with pleasure to the Database Team!

Please contact Lina Tarna via email: or  Alex Tolkin via email:

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