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A Carousel of Music

After returning from his performance in Italy with world-renowned singer, Andrea Bocelli, Colin Schachat generously presented a Charity Concert in honor of Telfed's 70th anniversary, supporting the organisation’s activities and services on behalf of the SA community in Israel. With clicking fingers and tapping toes, the audience was mesmerized by the talent and diversity of the performers, as the show lived up to its title: A Carousel of Music. Accompanied by the Ra'anana Symphonette, expertly conducted by David Sebba, the programme delivered a rotation of performers, in a variety of combinations, performing a diverse and enchanting repertoire from gospel to opera, Sinatra to Sheeran. Led by Colin, other singers included his sons Gabi and Micha and the Ofer Portugaly Gospel Singers. One audience member spoke of the "harmony and collaboration on stage with singers and an orchestra that clearly have a wealth of talent, experience and passion." While many in the audience were already familiar with Colin's incredible talent, from the stage or the synagogue, they left the music hall spellbound after what was a truly magical musical carousel.

The evening commenced with a video about Telfed and the services offered to new and veteran olim in Israel. Batya Shmukler, Telfed Chairman, addressed the audience and spoke of how far the organisation has come from its humble beginnings as a supporter of the first Machalniks from Southern Africa in 1948. "Since that first generation of volunteers, additional generations have joined the ranks to continue bolstering the community of Southern Africans in Israel." She spoke of an organisation that has adapted itself over the years to changing community needs, adding that "we take great pride in being one of the most productive and active Aliyah and Klita support organisations in Israel" before urging the audience to "join the Telfed family".  At the end of the evening, as news came in about the attack at the Etz Chaim Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Batya spoke of the privilege of being a Jew in the Jewish homeland.  The evening ended on a ‘note’ of gratitude, as the audience stood united in singing the Israeli national anthem, Hatikva.


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