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A helping hand for the elderly!

Candace Rudolph, an Olah from Cape Town is offering a unique and potentially life-altering service to elderly or disabled people who may find it difficult to get around and complete essential daily tasks such as shopping, going to the bank and performing other errands.
As an occupational therapist with several years’ experience working with mainly elderly patients with varying limitations, Candace understands more than most the frustrations of not being able to complete basic tasks alone.  “Many people do not want to call a relative or friend to help them every time they need to go out to the shops and so my service is a great alternative” says Candace, whose warm smile and caring manner immediately puts her patients at ease. “There are so many daily tasks that are a complete nightmare for anyone who has any kind of physical limitation” says Candace “trips to the hospital for medical check-ups, visits to misrad hapnim, orange, the supermarket – all of these can be hugely challenging and virtually impossible without assistance.”
Candace is adept at putting wheelchairs in and out of the car.  She is able to drive her clients to their desired destination and unload and re-pack their wheelchair as well, if needed. 
Candace most recently worked at Tel Hashomer Hospital in the adult Neurological 
Rehabilitation department and has vast experience working with patients with varying degrees of disability.  As a highly skilled Occupational Therapist, she is also available for home visits and can help patients around the home and with adapting home equipment to suit needs. 
For many, the service that Candace is offering will surely fill a much-needed space and can help return a feeling of independence to elderly people who wish to be less reliant on relatives or friends.
If you are interested in using Candace’s service either for yourself or a relative or you would like to get a quote, please call her on 054-456-2894 or email her at

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