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An Oleh's Journey...

"Hello Doron,

I hope you are well, it has been such a long time since we last chatted, and I guess it is time to catch up, and say hello.

How time has flown, since I did Aliyah, wow the flight 31 December 2008 changed things in my life.

I am still teaching at the International School in Herzlia, and I am still living in Tel Aviv, and this city is growing faster than one can imagine.

I have also been involved in a Ten Pin Bowling league in Holon, if anyone can remember how I refused to board the El Al flight on that amazing day in December if my 14 pound bowling ball was not allowed to travel on the same flight, the El Al crew finally gave in , I won first place in the Summer league in 2015, and also came 11th in the regional league and last year I made 6 place in the league itself out of 31 players.

I am also playing tennis and and have joined a team at Rocach , and participated in a few tournaments also, winning 1 so far.

I have also travelled quite a bit to Europe, and my most amazing journey was going to Lapland in Norway, where I went to go and see the Northern Lights and I also went through the wilderness at -15 degrees sledding through the snow with the Huskies for 3 days, as well as getting to see the Northern Lights, which I was very lucky to see.

I have recently returned from a trip  visiting my mom, sister, niece, brother in law and friends in Johannesburg, and as much as I missed them all so much I couldn't wait to return back to Israel.

I would like to send a very warm wish to everyone at Telfed, and a very Happy Purim.

Best Regards,

Byron "

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