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Job seekers seminar with Ron Bowman

photo: Ron Bowman and participant Ehud Illos
A couple of weeks before the chaggim, South African job seekers were treated to a workshop given by Mr. Ron Bowman, President of the Dale Carnegie College in Israel.  The participants came away enriched and encouraged, with many new tips and tools to assistant them in their quest.
Mr. Bowman, who hails from England and the U.S., and has been resident in Israel for many years, touched on subjects such as being more proactive in a job search, improving one's competitive edge, being goal-oriented and increasing self-awareness and self-confidence.  He stressed the importance of a positive attitude in life and making first impressions count.  
In addition, he explained the 5 levels of listening and many ways to strengthen relationships in the work place.  Mr. Bowman will also be conducting a motivational workshop for the Telfed staff in December.
Telfed's Employment Division has afforded its services to over 120 job seekers during the course of the year, guiding, counseling and encouraging Southern Africans seeking employment in the Israeli market.
If you would like to register to meet with Telfed's Employment Advisor, please contact Sharon Bernstein ( 09 7907 801 or

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