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A very special Stamp


Telfed is a member of the Balfour Declaration Centenary Committee. Spearheaded by Alan Schneider (B’nai B’rith World Center Director), the committee made contact with the Israel Philatelic Service and requested the issuing of a special postage stamp to commemorate the Balfour Centenary.

In June 2016 the committee received confirmation from the Philatelic Service that a stamp to commemorate the Centenary would be issued.  

New stamps are issued by the Philatelic service at four specific times in each year. The commemorative stamp will be issued on 12th September 2017, leading up to the Balfour Centenary which falls on 2 November 2017.

Look out for this most spectacular stamp that celebrates a most amazing event 100 years ago.

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Telfed CEO, Dorron Kline (left), together with B’nai B’rith World Center Director, Alan Schneider (right), meet with the British Ambassador to Israel, David Quarrey, at the Knesset, in order to discuss the planned celebrations for the Balfour Centenary. 


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