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Moving Forward - The Balfour Centenary Committee

Alan Webber, Maish Isaacson, Telfed Chairman and Dorron Kline, Telfed CEOstand with Ambassador Sisa Ngombane (2nd from right) in his office at the SA Embassy in Ramat Gan. 

Telfed is a member of the Balfour Centenary Committee. This committee was formed two years ago in order to plan the centenary celebrations of the Balfour Declaration, which on 2 November 1917 helped to lead to the creation of the State of Israel in 1948.  

Jan Smuts was a major supporter of the Balfour Declaration and worked tirelessly to help bring it to fruition. It was therefore decided by the committee to meet with the Ambassador of South Africa to Israel, H.E. Mr. Sisa Ngombane, in order to try and organise a joint event, honoring the pivotal role that Jan Smuts played in modern Zionist history.

The meeting was held at the South African Embassy in Ramat Gan, in the presence of Alan Webber - Chairman of the Balfour Centenary Committee, Maish Isaacson - Telfed Chairman, Dorron Kline - Telfed CEO, the Ambassador and Deputy Ambassador.

Owing to the need to show political impartiality, it is unlikely that the SA Embassy will participate in any of the centenary events, however the Deputy Ambassador showed much interest in the Telfed SASI programme.

SASI - "South Africans studying in Israel" is a Telfed programme which provides subsidised tuition fees and accommodation scholarships to South African university students, allowing them  to study  in Israel in English, without necessarily making Aliyah.

The Deputy Ambassador was especially pleased to hear of the possibility of some of the SASI graduates returning to SA after completing their university studies in Israel and utilising their acquired academic skills for the betterment of South African society. He requested from Telfed to arrange a meeting with the SASI students during their three year BA studies in Israel.

This will be arranged in the near future, as SASI enters its second successful year. 

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