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Australia's new Emissary at Telfed

Telfed welcomed Ety Aloni to its offices in Ra’anana for a full day training session.

Ety is the new Jewish Agency Head Shlicha to Australia and Telfed is the organisation that provides Klita (absorption) services to all new Australian Olim. She is scheduled to begin her Shlichut in November 2018 and will work under the auspices of the Zionist Federation of Australia. Ety was a past Jewish Agency Aliyah Shlicha to Cape Town from 2001-2003.

Following her day at Telfed, Ety said, “Telfed is an amazing organisation. You have everything that the new Oleh needs, under one roof. I am very impressed with the synergy between the different departments at Telfed and how one staff member naturally helps the next to give a full rounded absorption service to the new Oleh.”

We wish Ety much success on her Shlichut and look forward to working together with her again, as we did over 15 years ago.


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