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Shlichim Training

 Rotem (left) and Tzophia (right) flanked by Dana Ben Chail, the head of the Telfed Volunteerism,

Events and Community Projects Department.

Rotem Greenberg and Tzophia Katz are Jewish Agency community Shlichot (emissaries) to Australia. Rotem is stationed in Perth, while Tzophia is in Melbourne.

The young ladies spent a day at the Telfed offices learning about the manifold absorption facilities that exist for Australian Olim through Telfed’s Klita, employment, housing, scholarships and volunteering departments.

After meeting with the Telfed staff, Rotem and Tzophia expressed: “We are amazed at the range of services that Telfed provides to new Olim from Australia and we plan to utilise this knowledge during our Shlichut.”


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