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Ashkelonians Assemble

In mid November a large group of Ashkelon English speaking residents attended a seminar hosted jointly by the Telfed Ashkelon Regional Committee and the E.S.O.A. (English speakers of Ashkelon). The lecture focused on steps to be taken in the case of various emergencies, with municipality members discussing the systems which the city has in place for a range of crises, including natural disasters through to missing persons and traffic accidents. 

This was followed by a break for light refreshments and a little socializing before the second part of the programme, which was a presentation by the Home Front Command (Pikud HaOref) on possible emergency scenarios in Israel and how to prepare for and react to them. A large part of this session was dedicated to earthquakes (predicted to occur in the near future in Israel) and other natural disasters, as well as to getting a global picture of how prepared the country is as a whole for various situations of this kind.  (On average, a destructive earthquake takes place in Israel once every 80 years, with the last incidence being recorded in 1927).

The evening wrapped up with a short discussion about how English speakers can help the municipality and the emergency services as volunteers in times of emergency.

A big thank you to the Ashkelon Volunteer Centre for offering their venue and to the Municipality of Ashkelon and Pikud HaOref for providing seasoned speakers.

If you would like a lecture on the topic to be arranged in your area, please contact Dana (Head of Volunteerism and Community Events) at Telfed - 09 7907805 (

Article submitted by Raphi Bloch, Telfed Ashkelon Regional Committee Chairman

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