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The Residents of Telfed Amishav Building come together to celebrate Hannukah

Celebrating Hanukah 2016 at Telfed Amishav Building 

On the fifth night of Chanukka the residents of Telfed Amishav got together to celebrate the 'victory of the Jews' over our enemies back in the time of the Second Temple.

People came out despite the chilly Israeli winter evening to light the festive candles and enjoy some delicious do-it-yourself 'suvganiot'.

There were kids activities, which included colouring in Maccabi warriors, making dreidel puzzles, making edible pretzel menorahs, decorating their dreidels  and don't forget eating more suvganiot.

It was also a great opportunity to mingle with neighbours and meet some of the new faces in the building.

As Doron (Telfed CEO), mentioned in his Dvar Torah, בימים ההם בזמן הזה, just as the Jews then overcame their adversaries, may we too continue to grow and succeed, in our land, our new home - the Land of Israel.

Article written by Daniel Bamberger

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