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Aliyathon 2018

Telfed was invited to participate in an 8 hour brainstorming event named "Aliyathon", (a positive spin of the well-known all night “Hackathon” events). Olim organisations representing a diverse range of immigrants took part in this initiative.

Each Olim organisation was invited to present a challenge, to which creative solutions would be found, by a diverse team of 5-8 volunteers during the 8 hour Aliyathon event.

Telfed's challenge was both relevant and thought-provoking: How to find or create sustainable employment for Olim over the age of 50, who arrive without an academic degree, no Hebrew, and no financial means.

In order to solve this, and other challenges presented on the evening, an intriguing method (SNAP) was used to come up with new and inspiring solutions.

This method, developed at the Technion, requires precise steps: deep analysis of the problem at hand, defining clear criteria against which the solutions will be measured, laying down assumptions that will be used, multiple rounds of suggested solutions (including purposefully absurd solution), as well as “brain twisting” exercises thought the evening.

By the end of the evening 33 solutions had been found for the Telfed Challenge.

We await the next step which will hopefully include implementation. Telfed was thrilled to be a part of this fascinating and practical evening.


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