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Promoting the quality of life of Southern Africans in Israel and
supporting their participation in and contribution to Israel society

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“You guys are really special and do remarkable work. We ex -Southern Africans are very lucky to
belong to this very special organization. Keep up the good work” Ruth Mor

Proudly entering its 70th year of operation, TELFED - The South African Zionist Federation (Israel) is as busy as ever catering to the needs of hundreds of new Southern African olim and tens of thousands of veteran SA olim.

The Southern African Jewish community is renowned for its altruism and community-minded spirit. From its inception, Telfed has ensured that Southern Africans living in Israel have the opportunity to make their mark by actively contributing to the welfare of the country and its citizens. We strive to adapt to the demands of time, serving our community’s evolving needs.

Telfed has been recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Absorption and Immigration as one of the most productive and active Aliyah support organizations in Israel today, twice receiving Ministry Awards of Excellence (in 2014 and 2016). Since no formal funding is provided, the organisation is reliant on the kindness of its donors plus income generated by its South African-occupied property portfolio to fund its many projects.

Due to its experience in providing exemplary klita (absorption) services, Telfed has been commissioned over the years to shoulder the task of helping in the absorption of olim from other countries, including Yemenites, Russians, Iranians – and most recently, olim from Australia and the Netherlands. 

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לקריאת החוברת בעברית, לחץ כאן


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