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Telfed attends 2017 Jerusalem Municipality Aliyah and Klita Committee meeting

Telfed was invited to attend the final 2017 Jerusalem Municipality Aliyah and Klita Committee meeting. At this session, the municipal departments and NGO’s dealing with absorption in the city of Jerusalem, presented their annual reports summarising their 2017 activities.

In 2017, 66 Olim made Aliyah from South Africa to Jerusalem, consisting of 55 adults and 11 children. (Interestingly, in 2016 the number was the same – 66 Olim from SA to Jerusalem). This is from a total of 290 Olim from South Africa in 2017.

The Top 5 cities chosen as their abode by Southern African Olim in 2017 (in order of preference) are: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ra’anana, Haifa and Modi’in.

In 2017, 39 Olim made from Australia to Jerusalem, out of a total of 211 Olim.

During 2017 Telfed held 21 events in Jerusalem for both new and veteran Olim, with over 900 participants. Most of these events were organised by the Telfed Jerusalem Regional Committee, chaired by Roy Scher.

The municipal Aliyah and Klita Committee was very impressed by these statistics, presented by Telfed’s CEO, Dorron Kline. It was decided that the next committee meeting will be dedicated to discussing Telfed’s role in Southern African, Australian and Dutch Aliyah and Klita in the capital city.

In the photo below, the members of the Jerusalem Municipality Aliyah and Klita Committee celebrate a successful year, with Jerusalem absorbing more new Olim that any other city in Israel.


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