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The 2017 Amishav Building Picnic…

Telfed held its annual summer picnic for the residents of its Amishav housing building, located in Tel Aviv. Much anticipated each year by the residents, the event offers the perfect backdrop for new and veteran Olim to take a break from their daily lives and mingle.

The tenants gathered outside where everyone enjoyed getting to know each other, practicing their Afrikaans, and munching on pizza and fruit.

Telfed’s new Chairman, Batya Shmukler and CEO Dorron Kline were also spotted amongst the crowd. “The "kibbutz" vibe is strong in Amishav, and we are happy to see that these buildings not only help olim financially, but also give them a community and social network that makes integrating into Israeli society that much more enjoyable” said Ben Wahlhaus, one of the residents and a Telfed volunteer.

“It is truly heartwarming to witness first-hand the impact our organization has on the lives of these new Olim” said Dorron Kline, “It really is a family away from home”. 

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